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ygrawn [userpic]

Supernatural RPS Fic: The Finger Thing

May 26th, 2008 (09:20 pm)

Title: The Finger Thing
Author: ygrawn
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3, 800
Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, not mine. Damn it.
Summary: Jared, unusually, is a sleepy bitch this morning.
Author’s Note: Um…well…hello there, RPS. Where did you come from? And just for the record, I think Sandy is gorgeously fabulous and I wish her no harm or ill-will at all!


Jared, unusually, is a sleepy bitch this morning.

It’s usually Jensen dragging himself out of bed (after three wake-up calls of increasing volume and length from Jared), mainlining coffee at some ass-early hour when LAX is more of a hellhole than usual and they’ve got a long day of shooting in Vancouver to look forward to, and Jared is bouncy and up and a goddamn firecracker, which only makes Jensen feel old and cranky until the coffee hits him and he tunes in to Jared and realises that Jared knows exactly how much his perky morning attitude annoys Jensen but he also knows that it helps Jensen get back on his game after the weekend.

But Jared was the walking corpse when he arrived at the airport this morning, his shirt buttoned wrong and his shoes untied and his face looking like he’d put it on backwards. Jensen had to manhandle him through check-in and grit his teeth and think of fuck, cardboard, when he was forced to practically cavity search Jared to find his wallet for proof of ID and damn it if Jared wasn’t deliberately leaning into Jensen and pressing his face into Jensen’s neck while Jensen searched his many pockets.

Jensen got them through airport security to the Starbucks on the other side, where he stashed an increasingly pissy Jared on a comfy sofa and got two large coffees, no cream, no sugar, no stopping for two hundred dollars, and some muffins that didn’t taste like any kind of food Jensen knew of, but at least they filled his stomach.

He had to save Jared from nearly spilling his coffee at least three times, and in the end, most of it only ended up in Jared’s system because Jensen practically held the cup to Jared’s mouth and told him to swallow (and God, God, he feels like he’s seventeen again around Jared, because since when did the sight of some guy swallowing, his long slender neck tilted back and his Adam’s apple bobbing, get him so hard?)

It was an epic effort to get the kid up off the sofa. It doesn’t help that there’s so damn much of Jared, all of him lax and boneless and uncooperative this morning.

Jared bitched the whole way to their gate about the early morning starts and filming in fucking Vancouver and how tired he was, and that no job was worth it, and why was it taking so long to get to their gate, LAX was a motherfucker, and, as an afterthought, how Jensen smelled good.

They finally get seated (and Jensen had to do Jared’s seatbelt and he hated the world right at that moment, because doesn’t his co-star realise Jensen just about burst one of his major organs with repressed desire) and the plane is reversing out to the runway when Jensen realises that Jared hasn’t done his finger thing.

“Jay.” He elbows the lump beside him. Hard.


“Jay, we’re taking off.”

Some neurons are still firing because Jared lifts his hand up. But he holds it limply in Jensen’s direction. “You d’it.”



Jensen hesitates; he knows Jared will be upset if he doesn’t perform his little ritual, but man, the limits of Jensen’s self-control are more frayed than his oldest jeans.

“Please…” Jared manages.

“Oh, hell.” Jensen grabs Jared’s hand, matter-of-factly kisses Jared’s forefinger and touches it to the roof of the cabin above them. “There.”


Five minutes later, Jared is snoring lightly, and five minutes after that, he’s managed to get his head on Jensen’s shoulder, an impressive move given their height difference. His arm is relaxed against Jensen’s thigh, and when he occasionally twitches his knuckles graze Jensen’s knee.

God, Jensen thinks, he’s fucked.


It’s to do with Sandy, the reason Jared is so tired, because the phone calls start as soon as they get onto the concourse, and continue all day. The tension rolls off Jared, bright and thick enough for everyone to physically detour around him. Jensen can’t help but overhear some of the exchanges, and, being the bright spark he is, figures out that all is not good in Jared and Sandy Land.

He doesn’t notice the looks until after lunch.

Jensen’s tired too, and he doesn’t notice until they’re on the third take of some bullshit scene that they should have got on the first take, but Jared keeps missing his mark and instead of laughing about it like he usually does he’s getting tight and difficult.

That’s when Jensen notices the looks that everyone – and he means goddamn everyone – is throwing his way. The guest director, the ADs, the camera guys, hell, the set dressers who usually don’t pay attention to anything but their precious props are all lobbing significant looks his way, and Jensen realises that they want him to sort out this Jared problem.

Every single one of them think he’s the Jared expert and that he’ll be able to figure out the huge mess standing three feet to his left and brooding like he’s going to give Dave Boreanaz a run for the title.

When Jared fucks the scene up for the fourth time, Jensen nods at the director, and the guy gratefully calls for a break. Jared makes a face: he knows it’s because of him.

“Jared.” Jensen has no idea where to go with this conversation, both geographically and emotionally, and he wishes he wasn’t so useless at this kind of shit.

“Just…” Jared begins to walk off.

“Let’s go to my trailer, Jay.” He walks behind and around his co-star, herding Jared towards his intended target. Jared obviously wants to go, because he doesn’t say anything, just walks.

“So?” Jensen prods, the minute he closes the door behind him.

“Yeah, we’re breaking up.”

“And that takes like…seventeen phone calls?”


“Well, what’s going on?”

“She…she’s attracted to somebody else.” He sees Jensen’s face. “She hasn’t done anything, and I believe her. She told me straight away, but I think it just…”

Jensen sighs with the familiarity of it all. How the hell is Jared still such a puppy?

“It’s forced you both to think about shit.”


“Like what?”

“Distance. Different priorities. “

“What’s Sandy saying?”

“Mostly she’s just listing all the reasons why our relationship isn’t working, and accusing me of…fuck, it doesn’t matter.”

“You want to stay with her?” Jensen figures if he just gets this done with, if he doesn’t waste words, if he pretends to be maybe one-tenth a girl, they might get through this.

“I don’t…I…I’ve been with her for so long, man.”

“That’s not a reason to stay with somebody,” Jensen points out.

“So you think I should leave her?” Jared snaps.

“I think I can’t tell you what you to do, but you gotta sort it out because it’s messing with your work.”

Jared stands up. “So, really it’s a problem because it’s messing up your work, right, Jen?”

Jensen grabs Jared’s shoulder. “No. Don’t go beating up on me just ’cause I’m conveniently located.”

Jared is stiff beneath his hand, his mouth a hard, angry line, but his eyes soften imperceptibly. “I just…I don’t know what to do.”

“Get through today. We’ll go out, get seriously drunk, and solve all your problems. And, for fuck’s sake, stop letting this scene kick your ass.”

“Yeah.” Jared releases his breath. “Yeah.”

Jared leaves his cell phone in Jensen’s trailer, and nails the scene on the first take after the break, and when they move on to the next scene, an interior, he grins quickly at Jensen and mouths, “Thank you.”


They’re halfway to being drunk, and not even a fraction of the way to solving Jared’s problems, but at least Jared has turned his phone off and has committed himself to the drinking.

They’re in a dive somewhere near Jensen’s place – he never remembers the name of it, but he could find it blindfolded, because it’s quiet, because there are no strangers, no young girls to bother him, only regulars who are all too busy looking for something in the bottom of their glasses to care about a couple of TV stars and that suits Jensen just fine.

There’s also no television in the place, which Jared bitches about, because he wanted to watch the game tonight, although Jensen isn’t sure which game.

Jensen sits out the bitching, and eventually Jared gets most of it out of his system. He asks about Jensen’s weekend, laughs when Jensen relays Christian’s latest news, and even though the laughter doesn’t reach Jared’s eyes, it does ease his shoulders.

“So…I called her before I caught a cab over here,” Jared finally says, after his third beer.

He won’t look at Jensen. Instead, he’s looking at the faded 2004 NHL match draw pinned up above the bar’s ancient register. As he talks, Jared swings his empty glass between his hands, rolls it against his palms, sends it spinning across the bar before he retrieves it one-handed and starts again.

“And?” Jensen pokes.

“We agreed to separate. We both need some space, some time. I told her she could collect her stuff from my place before next weekend.”

“Hey…” Jensen knocks Jared gently with his shoulder. “The hardest part is done.”

“Sure.” Jared looks at him then. “She cried.”

“You’ve been together a long time,” Jensen acknowledges. “Walking away from that…”

“It’d be worse to stay, pretending things were okay. They’re not and they haven’t been, not for a while.” Jared shrugs. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to rehash the problems he and Sandy have been having. “Gonna be lonely in LA on weekends.”


Jensen doesn’t bother placating him. He knows what loneliness is. He’s lived away from his family for years, and he’s great at getting girls (and guys) but keeping them is a different story, so he’s built his life around his work and his friends instead.

“You’ve got your dogs. And you’ve got friends in LA and here,” Jensen points out.

“And you’re here.”

Jared’s returns his gaze to Jensen. He looks so expectant that Jensen almost turns to see who or what is behind him, because he doesn’t know what Jared’s looking for, he just knows he’d give it to him if he could.

“Sure am,” Jensen eventually agrees, keeping his voice light. “And you’re single now. All those screaming girls you couldn’t touch all this time – you’ll have your pick.”

“God.” Jared groans. “We’ve got that fan meet and greet thing, next week. A whole bunch of them are coming to set. They won some competition.”

“I’ll bet they bring you gifts.” Jensen grins as he signals the bartender for another round. “I’ll bet they make you break-up CDs with angry love songs.”

“Why me?”

Jensen allows himself one consoling pat on the back. “It’s a tough gig, Padalecki, but somebody’s gotta do it.”

“I need another beer.”


Jared is the most tactile person Jensen’s ever met. Some of it is deliberate: Jared’s possessive streak matches his demonstrative vein. Whenever they bump into Rosenbaum and Welling, in public or in private, Jared is all over him.

The funniest part is that Jared thinks he’s being subtle. Mike once suggested to Jensen that he should get a tattoo on his ass: Property of Jared Padalecki.

But most of Jared’s touch comes from the heedless, natural, easy affection Jared has for everybody and everything around him. He touches people to emphasise a point, to get their attention, to share a joke, or to cajole or charm or comfort them. Jensen knows he’s no different from Jared’s other friends, from his family, from his dogs, for God’s sake: Jared touches everybody.

When he’s drunk, Jared’s touching turns practically indecent. Jensen has ridden out enough drunken nights with Jared to know that the touching builds steam during Jared’s fifth drink, and reaches its peak shortly after his seventh drink.

Tonight is no different. Jared has dispatched three-quarters of his sixth beer and he’s trying to tell Jensen about why it’s not his fault Sandy is seriously attracted to somebody else, only he’s doing it with one hand on Jensen’s hip.

Every time Jensen moves Jared just moves with him, and between the familiar smell of his co-star and the heat of his huge hand burning a hole through Jensen’s jeans, it’s enough to make a guy join a monastery.

Jensen knows they just have to get through to that seventh beer and Jared will get sloppy and uncoordinated (which is as funny as you’d think given Jared’s height) and Jensen will be able to goddamn breathe again.

They almost make it too, but Jared’s putting his empty glass down when he loses his balance just enough to knock into Jensen and push him up against the bar.

And just like that, the way it can rain before you notice grey clouds, the way some of their scenes just happen on the first take, perfect and absolute, every defence Jensen has built between them is gone.

“Jared…” Jensen says, keeping his voice light. He begins to push at the younger man.

“Jensen.” And Jared kisses his neck. “Jensen,” he says again, the two syllables like a thousand words.

“Hey,” Jensen begins, ready to make the joke.

“You kissed my finger,” Jared interrupts. His eyes are dark and full of something Jensen’s never seen before.

“Well, sure, but you were…I mean…”

“No. You remembered my thing, the finger thing, and you reminded me and then you kissed my finger.”


“And Sandy’s right,” Jared adds, almost too himself. “It is you. It is.”

Jensen ignores the implications of Jared’s heated declaration and says, “I think we should…”

“I’m gonna kiss you.”

Jensen starts to shake his head, too aware of the people, the bartender. “No, no…not here.”

Jared pauses, hears the subtext. “Not here?”

“Not…just…damn it.” Jensen fleetingly touches Jared’s hand on his hip, and says, “Come with me.”

Jensen knows Jared is following him, he can feel the cloud of heat trailing him down the narrow hallway, past the restrooms and out into the alley behind the bar.

There are maybe two seconds between clearing the door and Jared pinning Jensen to a filthy brick wall and kissing him. Jared’s mouth is on him so fast Jensen’s breath gets trapped in his throat.

“Jay – Jesus, just…”

“Shut up.”

Jared kisses him again, nothing graceful about it, nothing practised or precise, and it’s still the most erotic kiss of Jensen’s life.

“Want you,” Jared manages to say when he tears his mouth from Jensen’s. He thrusts urgently against Jensen’s hips.

“I got that.” Jensen swallows noisily, rests his forehead against Jared’s cheek. “Just slow down.”

Jared nudges Jensen’s head back against the wall, exposing Jensen’s neck. He nips at the taut cords of Jensen’s throat. He bites, kisses, then presses his tongue flat to Jensen’s pulse. It’s thready, fast.

“No.” Jared looks at Jensen, and the wild desire lighting his face makes him look older, stronger, almost a stranger to Jensen. “No.”

Jensen can feel Jared hard against him between the layers of denim. More importantly, Jensen can feel his self-control fraying, and he just needs a second to clear his head, to think, to make sure Jared isn’t just fucking his problems away.

But Jared kisses him again, and that moment of hesitation is gone, disappearing into the night.

“You tell me to stop, I will,” Jared mutters, his hands tugging at Jensen’s jeans, his mouth pressing wet kisses to Jensen’s collarbone.

“I don’t believe you,” Jensen says, laughter darkening his voice. Jensen doesn’t feel threatened, but he doesn’t think Jared could stop now even if either of them wanted to.

And Jensen doesn’t want to.

Jared keeps dropping kisses everywhere, keeps grinding his cock against Jensen’s even while he’s trying to undo Jensen’s fly. It shouldn’t surprise Jensen to discover that Jared approaches sex like everything else in his life: with the same impatience, with the same intensity.

Jensen helps Jared pop the buttons on his shirt, and then does some undressing of his own, trying to get to those perfect miles of Jared’s skin. Jared’s chest is hot to touch, and his heart is pounding.

Jensen places the heel of his palm against it, feels Jared’s heart kick up against him. “Jared…”

Jared’s huge hands swallow Jensen’s face as he says in a dazed thick voice, “For you, Jen.”

It’s too much, everything bursting out of Jensen, all those months, the goddamn years of holding back, of pushing his desire down into some hidden, dark place.

When they kiss again – Jensen decides it’ll never get old – Jensen is the aggressor, his tongue pushing frantically against Jared’s. Jensen makes noises he didn’t know he could make, but Jared matches them.

Jensen runs his hands up Jared’s torso, across his pecs, swipes at Jared’s pebbled nipples with his thumbs and grins against Jared’s lips at the strangled gasp Jared makes.

“Yeah?” Jensen croons. He does it again.

“God, yeah.” Jared thrusts a knee between Jensen’s legs, unbalancing Jensen a little. “Yeah.”

They grind together, their kisses getting wilder, sloppier, heedless. Jensen has handfuls of Jared’s hair twisted in his fingers, pulling on it, keeping Jared’s mouth on his. Jensen feels abandoned and lost, and at the same time, absolutely certain of what he’s doing.

Jensen gets so lost in their kissing that it takes him a moment to realise that Jared has focused long enough to free Jensen’s cock from his jeans. Jensen’s never felt harder in his life, the pleasure flirting outrageously with the pain.

Jared wraps his hand around the base of Jensen’s cock.

“Fuck, Jay, I…”

“I’ve got you,” Jared says, swiping his thumb through the sticky pre-cum at the head of Jensen’s cock, his touch gentle but deliberate. Jared swaps hands, lifts his wet fingertips to his mouth and sucks on them.

Jensen kisses Jared’s mouth, licks the salty fluid from the corner of Jared’s lips, and mouths obscenities against Jared’s taut jaw. He reaches between them and discovers that Jared has undone his own fly, and his cock springs into Jensen’s trembling hand.

Jensen can’t help but look down with curiosity. Everything about Jared is big: his hands, his generosity, his laugh, his heart, and yes, his cock. A half-chuckle escapes before Jensen can stop it, and he drops a kiss just below Jared’s ear, so that Jared knows Jensen isn’t laughing at him, although he sort of is.

“Dude.” Jared laughs into Jensen’s hair. “You keep looking at it like that it’ll fall off.”

“Well, yeah, but…fuck, Jared.”

The moonlight flashes across Jared’s gorgeous grin. It’s an irreverent moment and it’s exactly who they are.

Jared begins to tug and pull on Jensen’s cock. It takes him a moment to settle into the rhythm Jensen likes, but when he finally finds it, when Jensen makes that universal noise of assent – the one that says yeah, that way, like that – Jared makes it work.

Jared’s a little different – Jensen has to be rougher than he would be with himself, and it takes Jensen a little longer to force the same noise from Jared. He concentrates on it until he can feel Jared’s hips thrusting towards his.

They can’t stop kissing – long, languorous kisses with breathy sighs and the exchange of names and Gods. Jensen can feel himself unravelling and he knows he’s going to break first. Jared’s just too good at this, too good at it to be doing it for the first time, and Jensen doesn’t even care about that unknown history, he just wants to come, like his skin will burst if he doesn’t.

“Jared, Jay...I’m…”

“For me,” Jared says in a harsh whisper before he bites down hard against Jensen’s neck.

It hurts like a son of a bitch, but it tips him over the edge, and Jensen comes with a shuddery growl.

When his head clears, Jensen realises Jared’s thrusting insistently into Jensen’s still hand. Jensen kneels without thinking too much about it, slides Jared’s cock into his mouth.

Jensen hasn’t done this for a while, so he’s out of practice, and Jared is so damn huge Jensen can tell it’s going to take him some serious practice to get used to swallowing down so much. But he doesn’t think Jared notices the inexpert job Jensen is doing.

In fact, Jared’s too busy inventing new curse words and breaking Jensen’s name into four syllables in a strangled voice. Jensen’s been on his knees maybe a minute when Jared grabs Jensen’s hair, says, “Sorry,” and comes.

Jensen sputters ungracefully, but manages not to choke.

Jared loosens his grip on Jensen’s hair, shifts his hands down to cup Jensen’s face and says, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Jensen replies, automatically.

“Hey,” Jared says again. He bends down – a hell of a long way down – and kisses Jensen, softer and sweeter than anybody’s ever kissed him. “You’re thinking this was a mistake.”

“I…” Jensen is taken aback. “Well…”

“That or you’re still in awe about how damn big it is.”

Jensen cracks a smile. “A little, yeah.”

“At least stand up before you start panicking, dude.”

“I do not panic,” Jensen denies as he stands up. “I’m too cool for that.”

Jared backs him against the wall and kisses him. “Too cool for that?”

“No. Never.” Jensen smiles again, his mouth quirking against Jared’s warm neck. Figures only Jared can make him smile even as he is panicking.

“Come home with me,” Jared whispers.

“Jared,” Jensen begins to shake his head. “I don’t think you want this.”

Jared runs a thumb along Jensen’s cheekbone. “How ‘bout I decide what I want, Jensen?”

“You can’t pretend you didn’t just end a serious relationship.”

“No. And I can’t pretend that you weren’t a big factor in that break-up.”

“I…” Jensen is too surprised to finish the sentence. “Me?” he manages.

“Yeah, you.” Jared kisses him. “We’ll sort it out.”

Jensen thinks about everything he could lose. But when he looks up, Jared is looking back at him, bright-eyed and perfectly serious, and Jensen decides to concentrate on everything he could gain.

“Fine,” Jensen says, hoping to hell his voice sounds steady. “But I’m not kissing your finger every time I want a hand-job.”

Jared’s laughter fills the alleyway, the sound so familiar that something in Jensen lifts and settles quietly into place. Jensen reaches up to kiss Jared, but Jared is already halfway there, waiting for him.



The finger thing came from here. (Scroll down past all the fangirly entries to the quotes!)


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Posted by: appreciating the habit of randomness (randomisedhabit)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 12:42 pm (UTC)

The J2 kind of worms itself into one's heart, doesn't it? And then it squirms around until it gets written... *g*

I love this, the familiarity between the two of them and the depth of their connection so clear before anything else happens. (the touching builds steam during Jared’s fifth drink, and reaches its peak shortly after his seventh drink) There's this kind of detail here that makes my heart constrict from... from how much I love these boys and how much they love each other and just OH BOYS and am I incoherent yet?

Anyway, suffice it to say you did a great job here.

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:11 am (UTC)

I'll take incoherence any day!

Thanks so much for the gorgeous feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Posted by: Remus Buttplug Face (lazy_daze)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 01:11 pm (UTC)

YESSS. This is beautiful and thrilling and sweet and YAY.

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:11 am (UTC)

LOL! Thanks!

Posted by: Hey, Mickey (mickeym)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
spn_j2 love for all the world to see

Oh, that's gorgeous! I love the progression, and GUH, seriously hot sex-in-an-alley. Whoa. Thank you for sharing with us!

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)

Thank *you* for reading. Nothing like some hot alley sex, huh? I'm glad you enjoyed this!

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)

Awww, shucks! Thank you very much!

Posted by: jacey26 (jacey26)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 02:46 pm (UTC)

Ohhh, this was so nice.

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Posted by: spae (spae)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)


Loved it liek whoa. Jared being all touchy and Jensen knowing when ... *hearts*

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)

*hearts* back - thanks for the lovely feedback! Glad you enjoyed this!

Posted by: Life's a riot, a lover, a friend (tj_smartz)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 03:34 pm (UTC)

Oh but you ruin me with your writing. I was so lost in your world, right there with the boys. I can't think of a nicer way to end my evening. Thank you.

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:14 am (UTC)

That's me: Official Ruiner of TJ!

Thanks, as always, for the lovely feedback - it was a nice way to start my morning!

Posted by: Life's a riot, a lover, a friend (tj_smartz)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 01:21 pm (UTC)

Posted by: I can read Sam's mind (wendy)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 04:05 pm (UTC)
J2 Hug

I love how well Jensen knows Jared, the finger-thing thrills me! I love how this all progresses. I love Jensen telling Jared to get his shit together and Jared confessing that Jensen is The One.

And Jared saying his hard on is just for Jen? NNNGGHHH.

Jared’s laughter fills the alleyway, the sound so familiar that something in Jensen lifts and settles quietly into place. Jensen reaches up to kiss Jared, but Jared is already halfway there, waiting for him.

Just as it should be!

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:15 am (UTC)

Thanks so much - I'm glad you enjoyed this. I was a bit nervous about posting J2!

Something about the boys made my porn more pornier than usual - I think it's their general hotness, y'know?

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:16 am (UTC)

LOL - loooove your icon.

Thanks for the feedback - happy rolling!

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:16 am (UTC)

Yeah, touchy Jared rocks!

Thanks so much!

Posted by: dodificus (dodificus)
Posted at: May 26th, 2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
behind you


That was sweet and fun:)

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:16 am (UTC)

Hee - thanks!

Posted by: elless18 (elless18)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 02:24 am (UTC)
eye fuck

That was awesome! Adorable and cute and hot. I hope RPS sneaks up on you more often!

Posted by: ... (fromyourashes)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 04:48 am (UTC)


Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:17 am (UTC)


Posted by: this is an adventure. (mooncharm)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 06:23 am (UTC)
j2: i can only love you

this was just lovely. warm and sweet and adorable and completely enjoyable. ♥!

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:17 am (UTC)

Aww, thanks so much!

Posted by: layne (layne67)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 07:40 am (UTC)

That just made me feel all kind of happy :D

And the finger-kissing is so cute!!

Posted by: ygrawn (ygrawn)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 09:17 am (UTC)

Thanks - I'm glad. This is definitely happyfic!

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