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ygrawn's Journal

8 January 1983
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I am a twentysomething corporate lawyer, so you can all start dissing me now, and show absolutely no sympathy when I complain about the long hours and the office politics. If I could I'd marry a wealthy man and write all day and not have to work and not care even one iota that it betrays my feminist upbringing. I have a sister who thinks she rules the world, a cat who quite possibly does, a mother who is perenially absent, and a father who is surgically attached to a book and quite possibly loves reading more than he loves his own children, which I completely understand because I love reading more than humans and their crazy ways sometimes too. I live in Melbourne, apparently one of the more liveable cities in the world, although that means sweet FA when I'm running late because our public transport system sucks and it's grey and miserable in winter and we're in a serious drought and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. I have nothing else to say about myself here that I won't say in regular entries, so there.